K Series Mobile Crusher Overall Performance


K Series Mobile Crushing Plant Overall structure & performance analysis.


The hopper for coarse crusher updates from soldering form to bolted assemble, which leads to much more convenience when tranporting. A bigger hopper is available before the small hopper according feeding capacity, and it is good for its saving function and could be feeded by loading equipment

feeding parts Feeding part

The grates structure, the space between wideth and the layers of pre-screen grates are optimized, so as to screen in advance for the small and unecessary crushed materials in main crushers

Crushing Part

We are the leading manufacturer of rock &mineral processing equipment in the world. Since the end of the 20thcentury,we have installed thousands (sets)of crushers all over the world. They are reliable and safe; high crushing performance and high crushing ratio; adapting various enviroments.

crushing plant
screening part Screening  Equipment

The improvement on adjustable installation angle(18°~25°) increase the combination capacity for the whole mobile plants.(it has comparetive advantage from stationary crushing line, when the total power is fixed).

Conveyor Equipment

The motor drive of conveyor belts updated from arc gear reduction motor drive to hydraulic drive of orbital motor.It improves the level of production and reliability, provides the fuction of overloading protection and reduces the maintenance cost.

Conveyor Equipment